Things Every Solopreneur Should Know about Marketing


Most fashion business owners struggle with marketing because there are so many other things they need to do in order to keep their business running and their customers happy. What often happens is that sales and marketing activities get pushed to the curb while so much time and attention is being spent on business operations. This is the reason I’ve come up with the topic of “Things Every Solopreneur Should Know about Marketing.”

How to Increase Sales

A lot of marketing has to do with selling. Always Be Closing: As a soloprenuer, it is important to always be closing on everything and anything in order to get what you want. Make the call, close the deal, confirm the appointment, get the payment. If you are struggling with getting customers to buy your products, here are a few steps that might help.

  • Attention: Do you have their attention, which means, are they genuinely looking at you and listening to what you have to say?
  • Interest: Attract their interest. Have you succeeded in building some sort of interest in their minds? If there is no interest no matter how little it may be, they won’t make a decision.
  • Decision: Help them make a decision giving them a few choices. Ask them questions to find out what their level of need is for your product and then offer them one of your packages or services that meets the specific need.
  • Action: Move them towards an action. If you have a website, your sales pages should always have a call to action that drives the customer to buy your product. If you’ve gotten their attention, interest and helped them make a decision to choose your product, the next thing to follow will be action.

Building Relationships with Customers

While hard selling is important, I usually advocate for a shift that involves more of building a relationship with the customer by showing them you really want to help solve their problems rather than just earn a quick buck. Discover if they are your ideal customers and then sell them the features/benefits of your product or service. After the initial sale, continue to find more ways to maintain the relationship beyond just a transaction. This will help increase repeat purchases.

  • Sign them up for your newsletter and send them an email once or twice a month updating them on the business and the latest industry news. Create stories that they’ll be interested in reading about.
  • Don’t be shy to upsell your other goods and services. Create promotions, deals and discounts that complement their needs. Offer them something they need that they didn’t know they needed.
  • Social media engagement – there are many reasons why people use social media. Some use it for customer service, marketing and others to build community or engagement. I recommend the latter. Build your tribe by creating content your ideal customers/ social media followers would be interested in.


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