African Milk Jugs “Ibyansi” Made in Rwanda

African milk jugs Rwanda

African milk jugs Rwanda

These African Milk Jugs “Ibyansi” were made in Rwanda by Haute Baso. They are carved out of natural resources (wood) and the finished product is called “Ibyansi.” The black and white design is actually beadwork and they all come with a woven lid. They could also be used for home decor. Seeing as they might actually be too tall to fit in a fridge, I assume they would fit in seamlessly into the design of any home. Haute Baso currently works with a group of fourteen artisans to create these African milk jugs. In my opinion, only one word can describe these – spectacular!

I’ve been staring at these milk jugs ever since I spotted them on instagram, like, literally with my mouth wide open. Okay, maybe that’s a little exaggerated. My mouth is closed and yet, I love these jugs. They are everything! It’s interesting what you can find the minute you decide to be active on this thing called social media, most especially instagram. If you’re on it, be sure to follow Mocha & Femme here:

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